HITIT ANTIK continues with its aim of expansion sporting three shops, located at The Castle Ankara and Can Street , the dwelling places of history in Ankara. It started its journey in1981 in Ayrancı with a small antiquary.To name a few of the products which cater to all requirements: Original Ottoman and European Antiques ( Orijinal Osmanlı ve Avrupa Antikalar) , Ottoman Furniture ( Osmanlı Mobilyalar) , Opal Lamps ( Opalin lambalar) , glass accessories ( cam aksesuarlar) , a variety of mirrors ( ayna çeşitleri) , French Statues ( Fransız Heykeller) , candelabras ( Şamdanlar) , Ancient (old) Ottoman Paintings ( Eski Osmanlı Tablolar) , decrees ( Ferman) , brevets {patents} ( Berat) , permissions and signs ( İcazet ve Nişanlar) , old Çanakkale clay ceramics ( Eski Çanakkale toprak seramikleri) , Doors ( Kapılar) , Decanters (şerbetlik), village cupboards ( köy dolapları) .


Aside from the above named it offers a wide variety of old and new accessories from the Far East and Europe . HITIT ANTIK, being one of the elite shops of Ankara , also offers cast home and office furniture designed and produced by itself. Designs are made according to needs and desires.

The Illumination Group consists of: chandeliers (avize), lampshades (abajur), oil-lamps (kandil), floor lamps lambader , and desk lamps (masa lambasi). These are on display in our showrooms offering you a wide variety and choice.

Besides retail services, we also provide special turn-key design services for hotels, restaurants, and old mansions. We welcome anyone to our showroom who wish to transform their living area into a “Work of Art”, as soon as they view our “Art of Living” which are personalized special collections crafted with wooden handiwork complemented by the numerous cultures of history.


We, at HITIT ANTİK, understand your search for distinctive originality and open up our collection of wide variety for your viewing pleasure. We innovate and design for you with great consciousness coming from our vast experience. Your needs, desires and palette are important to us as you are important to us. It is our wish that your satisfaction is visible in your eyes so that we may look to the future with hope.


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